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AHS Microaggression Reporting Form

Microaggressions can be reported to be acted upon and used in the school-wide analysis of such acts. Please read more about this initiative here, or use the reporting form here.

This cat is hiding because a micro aggression rubbed it the wrong way.

Calendars & News

There's a lot going on. Be sure to use your spyponders accounts and the + button to subscribe to the news and calendar pages.

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Advisory X Block

Students and Teachers meet weekly to foster community and explore special topics.

Academics & Classes

Find links to the academic departments and classes including links to teacher emails, syllabi and websites.

A repository of official forms and documents. Have you read the Academic Policy, Acceptable Use Agreement , or Student Handbook lately? It's all here.

Grant Opportunities

Why not try to get some money for the classroom?

Students from all over the world are registered to study at AHS.

METCO at AHS, learn more here.

Character, scholarship, leadership, and service. Does that sound like any of your students? Encourage them to get recognized by joining the National Honor Society.

Our student run school newspaper. Read about school news from the student's point of view.

Parents and Guardians have unique Powerschool accounts that are separate from the student accounts. Please do not use the student accounts.

Seniors have a lot of special events and dates. Keep up on those here.

Services & Support

Need a librarian, a nurse, a guidance or wellness counselor, technology account help or Smartlab print requests. These are your links.