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About Arlington High School

Arlington High School
869 Massachusetts Avenue
Arlington, MA 02476
Main Office: 781.316.3594
Fax: 781.316.3504
Principal Dr. Matthew Janger
Mission Statement
In an effort to foster academic excellence and personal achievement at the highest levels, Arlington High School focuses on learning, connecting, and caring as a community.  AHS provides a safe, supporting, nurturing environment in which students can acquire knowledge, values, and intellectual curiosity that will lead to life-long learning.  As a community, we have agreed upon the following values and habits of mind as foundational principles and social and behavioral expectations that will guide all teaching and learning, and policy decisions at Arlington High School.
They are:

  • Integrity, 
  • Communication,
  • Accountability and responsibility, 
  • Respect, and 
  • Effective teamwork and cooperation.
We believe that living these values and habits of mind on a daily basis will ensure all students a rigorous high school education that will prepare them for their future roles as learners, leaders, and citizens in a 21st-century democracy.