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Collomb House

Dean: Mr. Paul McKnight

Phone: 781-316-3388

Class of 2022: Last Names Fr - Nas

Class of 2023: Last Names Fr - Ne

Class of 2024: Last Names Go - Og

Class of 2025: Last Names Hay - Pap

To Report an Absence or Dismissal

Phone: 781-316-3573

Phone: 781-316-3563

Dismissal Slips are picked up by the student at the Main Office Attendance Desk

Planned Dismissals

Unplanned Dismissals

  • A parent/guardian should contact the Attendance Office

  • The student should go to the Attendance Office before or after homeroom to get a Dismissal Slip. A Dismissal Slip will be prepared for the student to pick up prior to leaving the building.

  • Students MAY NOT dismiss themselves from school and leave without permission. We must hear from a parent/guardian PRIOR to your child leaving school. They must go to the attendance office.

  • Any non-health-related middle of the day dismissals should be done through our Attendance Office by email at [email protected] or at 781-316-3573.

  • A parent/guardian may contact the Attendance Office at any time during the day to give their child permission for dismissal.

  • A parent/guardian should contact the Attendance Office

  • Illness, if a student feels ill during the school day they must report to the Nurses Office where our nurses will assess your child and consult with a parent/guardian to arrange dismissal.

  • Non-Health, have your child pick up their dismissal slip from the prior to leaving school.

  • Please do not instruct your child to leave school and notify us later.

  • Doctor’s notes can be handled through the House Office for medically excused absences.

Student Policy Handbook

The full attendance policy (Sect. C) as well as other official AHS rules and guidelines are published in the Student Policy Handbook.

Dear Students and Parents,
We would like to welcome all new and returning students and parents as we prepare for the new school year. Our school is divided into three houses, Downs, Collomb and Fusco. House and dean assignments are determined by student last name:

The Deans are here to support the academic, social, and emotional well-being of our students throughout their entire time at Arlington High School. Our Deans work hard to build positive relationships with our students. Deans monitor student attendance, collaborate with students and teachers to solve problems, and uphold policies in our student handbook to ensure a safe, supportive, and nurturing environment for all learners.

The Collomb House Office on the second floor of the
Collomb House building.